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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Action and Reaction

I am having trouble committing to blogging. I've been at it for almost 9 months with very little response. I know my marketing plan is seriously lacking, so in many ways, I'm not surprised at the response. Frequency has also been a challenge. Last but not least I'm targeting producers with an energy conservation/renewable energy focus that read blogs (does that sound like you?). But still the experts have told me "if you blog they will come." So experts I'm going to test your theory.

I hope to appeal to Canadian producers and those who support them. I'll present information, analysis and perspective on conservation and renewable energy - five days per week. My goals are information and experience sharing and network building.

Do you have information on conservation and renewable energy that is of value to others? Please share.

So long for now,

Julie Harlow

P.S. Looking for links on renewable energy research? Try http://www.biobasednews.come/

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