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Friday, August 27, 2010

Renewable energy at the Outdoor Farm Show

If you are interested in learning more about anaerobic digestion and how it may fit into your operation, I would suggest a visit to the Canadian Outdoor Farm Show running from Sept 14-16 just outside Woodstock.

This year many parts of the industry have collaborated to demonstrate the potential fit to Ontario agriculture.

I'm also attending to hear some perspective on our solar industry due to the proposed changes to the feed in tariff system as well as wind due to rising community concerns when projects occur locally. Another thing that is on my radar is the potential outcomes of biomass research currently underway...

For more info on the show go to http://www.outdoorfarmshow.com/

So long for now,
Julie Harlow

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Solar Power for the Rich?

I'm pretty sure the "richest" anything is beyond my means. Richest is how I once heard the green energy act FIT system described in a U.S. publication -more specifically, the "richest incentive" program for green energy of any jurisdiction including Germany.

So OPA's announcement that they are reducing the FIT rate of ground mounted solar energy installations was somewhat comforting. I do feel bad for the 11,000 applicants that are affected by this 27% reduction. So this begs the question - what were they thinking??? I realize they have an objective of taking coal power off-line by 2012 - but at any cost?

What do you think?